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Nov 07, 2018 (01:51 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Hello, how is your journey going? I am working on tapering off smoking (using a vape). Just keep your head up and remember why you are quitting.

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Ashley Health Educator
Nov 02, 2018 (04:09 PM) Reply | Quote 

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I am so glad you are ready to be finished with this nasty addiction. As you mentioned, the first few weeks will be tough but the end result will be more then worth it. You will feel better, smell better, look better, heck you will even have more money. What`s not to be happy about? I can't wait to read about your successes. We are also here for the tough bits of course :) 

Ashley, Health Educator

The SSC Support Team

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Oct 30, 2018 (05:41 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Hi Melissa,
 Happy thoughts headed your way. I too quit on October 31, 5 years ago tomorrow. I smoked for over 37 years, pack a day or more. I'm here to tell you that it CAN be done! Here's a thought for you today. Imagine yourself sometime in the near future, being a quitter. Filling your lungs with nothing but clean fresh air.  In the beginning of your quit, don't worry or think too much about the future. Concentrate on the here and now. Just take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time. The time will add up rather quickly on it's own. Before you know it, hell week will be over and you will be into heck week. Then comes the blah weeks. Before you know it December will be here and you will have been a quitter for a whole month. 
 If you have the time, I'd suggest going through the "my program" at the top of the page. It has some tips on helping you along your quit journey. There is also a LOT of great hints and tips hidden in these forums, you just have to uncover and discover them. READ READ READ. The more you know about what to expect, the easier it will be to deal with it when it happens. Keep us posted on your progress okay?
Stay strong.
 Not One Puff Ever


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Oct 30, 2018 (05:18 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Hi everyone, I'm Melissa, and tomorrow (Oct 31st) is going to be my "official" quit day. I say official because I'm absolutely sick of trying and giving up within 10 days. I JUST WANT TO BE DONE! I'm 41 and have smoked a pack to a pack and a half per day since I was 16. I've been telling myself all day today that "you're gonna just have to deal with any ickyness you feel from the quit, as it isn't gonna last forever". This is the first group I've ever joined. I turned to this group because, even though I've read a lot of encouraging posts online during previous attempts, I feel it might be of more help to me to get encouragement that is directed right to me. Knowing myself, I KNOW if I can get past the 2 week mark, I'll be golden. So if anyone reading this could just give me a daily dose of happy thoughts, I'd much appreciate it 😊

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