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Hi Smashthesmokes,
 I'm not just starting out, been quit almost 5 years now, but the feelings and headaches you are experiencing are normal. I'm sure you had these 9 years ago when you quit too. Your body was used to the stimulus of the nicotine drug and now that you've quit, it's throwing a tantrum, so to speck.  Give yourself some time for body to start the healing process, and everything will get better for you. Just keep thinking of why you're doing this, it's not only for your kids, but for YOU too.  Stay strong.
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Is anyone out there just starting out? I’m almost 48 hours quit, feel terrible! Splitting headache, nervy and so tired!! BUT I’m so glad I finally did it! I’m on champix which is working a treat, I quit 9 years ago with champix I went five years then slipped up, it was like ide never stopped! Recently I’ve been seeing breathless and also really aware how disconnected ide become with my kids, I’m looking forward to having all my time back! In control of my life again!

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