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Ashley Health Educator
Apr 19, 2017 (02:54 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Thank you for sharing your story with us. It sounds like you are doing great! You sound very determined. It has been quite a while since you posted last. How are you feeling today?
Ashley, Health Educator

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Hello all. I was browsing some lingering symptoms of quitting smoking and came across this site.
I started stealing cigarettes from my  mom at 9 years old. I wanted to be "cool" like my friends. Smoked my whole life and met and married my wonderful husband-also a smoker. We decided together to quit as we have quit several times and it never stuck. We both smoked a pack every day, and only spent $3.00 per pack. They are made locally and are super cheap. 
My oldest daughter just turned 7 this year and I pictured her stealing smokes from me and I about lost it. I picked my 30th birthday as my quit day. Yay! Now turning 30 would be an exciting thing for me!  I bought patches and my husband decided to just cut down and gradually quit. Besides the itching and burning rash that I got at the patch site, I was feeling great. Even gave my husband patches too. I decided two weeks later that I could just keep going down in patches and not have to drag it out for the 10 weeks on the box.
Started the next patch, 3 days of withdrawals. OMG I was so terrible! I just ripped the patch off and haven't looked back. I told my kids not to listen to a word Mommy said until the 3 days were over and all was well afterward. My husband, however, is still on the patches.
Cut to now, it still sucks! I still have bad cravings, and my skin is all broken out like I am a teenager again. I keep thinking that it will get better despite me changing pillow cases daily and showering twice per day. But I haven't smoked! Was even tested a few times by friends who still smoke. Didn't do it. And I found one in my husbands truck and just broke it and threw it away.
 Sorry for the long post. Just thought I would put my story here!

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