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Gender: Male
Country: United States
Occupation: Laboratory technician
Hobbies: Computer nerd, bird watching

Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 408 Hours: 2
Minutes: 13 Seconds: 58

Life Gained

Hi Lily,
 Big congratulations on your "Lucky" thirteen years of freedom!!!  We all wish that we would have quit sooner than we did, but at least we DID quit.  Thanks for popping back in and giving us your words of encouragement. 
Stay strong!
Not One Puff Ever


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Age: 66
Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Occupation: mental health nurse
Hobbies: reading, cycling,swimming

Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 688 Hours: 9
Minutes: 10 Seconds: 43

Life Gained

So very happy and proud.... although still at least 14 pounds overweight! Just wish I could have quit earlier, might have avoided developing COPD, still can’t have everything and I so love the freedom from addiction. Definitely worth the angst and effort, keep at it everyone! Best regards, Lily.

N.O.P.E ...not one !!

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