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Your post is very clear to me, especially the coma part. fwiw, GO with the emotions... seek counselling & medication (if you must)
From personal experience... Smoking masks everything ESPECIALLY emotions & how we deal with them. Needless to say...
You will pull through & become a better & stronger person for it ! 

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Ashley Health Educator
Apr 26, 2017 (04:17 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Hi  JD,

First of all congrats on deciding to quit and congrats on all the positive benefits you have noticed. Awesome work! I am not sure I completely understand; but, it sounds like smoking was masking a lot of thoughts and emotions. Now that you have quit they are popping up and making life confusing as you have not had to deal with them until now. Would you say that is accurate?

If it is, it sounds like you may need to explore this uncertainty more and explore your emotions and thoughts more. It is normal for people to try to avoid difficult emotions and thoughts but this often prevents healthy ways of coping from developing. You mentioned thoughts of your mother came up. As a smoker did you allow yourself to grieve or were the thoughts and emotions suppressed by smoking? If they were suppressed it makes sense that they would pop up to remind you now that you have quit smoking and lost your go-to coping skill.
Allowing yourself to really FEEL and immerse yourself in those thoughts may help you cope with them and also understand them. It doesn't sound like smoking to avoid this will solve the problem. So to me the only way out is through. Journaling, counseling, talking to loved ones, meditation, mindfulness, etc. are just a few examples of how you can face these thoughts and feelings. What do you think? What do you think you would like to try?


Ashley, Health Educator

The SSC Support Team

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Apr 20, 2017 (03:11 PM) Reply | Quote 

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I'm a 31 year old male who desperately wants to quit smoking, but the "transformation" that I will talk about next, is hindering my will to do so.  I've decided to join you all and share my experience as I am really at my wits end.  I FEEL I can't quit, yet my body is begging for me to stop.  
Let me explain...
I started smoking almost 15 years ago.  My habit quickly became a pack a day.  It wasn't until I tried quitting almost ten years later that I realized my "true self" came out whenever I did quit.  This "true self" came with TREMENDOUS benefits, ranging from more physical energy, to simply being a better person, with much more compassion and understanding for others.  My anxiety melts away, my senses came back to life.  
All great right?
I thought so until my Mother unexpectedly passed a year ago and I tried to quit and realized that this "higher awareness" guy that comes out when I quit, started getting extremely emotional as memories rushed back.  Sure, higher levels of oxygen etc help you feel better once you quit, but I'm talking about feeling like I have to RELEARN how to live! I'm SCARED, yet oddly excited to live this "new and improved" life, but honestly sometimes feel handicapped, both physically and emotionally.  
When I light up, it takes to a realm of "known" - a crappy feeling at best, but at least I KNOW what it feels like and know how I will feel.  When I quit, I feel EVERYTHING has a new (positive) meaning, almost as if someone changed the soundtrack to my life (if that makes sense).  
 I have INCREDIBLE (healthy) confidence, food tastes better, I feel like I can get more things done, my brain actually works better and is at it's "peak power", I eat better, I exercise, I  don't stink of smoke, I save a ton of money, I'm more responsible, I require less sleep ............. I mean that's only a FEW of the benefits I personally find whenever I quit.  BUT! The "higher awareness" brings with it a lot of fear of the unknown, fear that I have to learn how to live and function in society again.  
I've searched the ends of the net to find other people who are going through something similar .... I don't want to feel this alone on this journey.  I'm looking for help and for someone to explain what actually could be happening.  I thank you all in advance for sticking out reading this post and sorry for how disorganized it is, I really just plopped my thoughts as they came to mind.  
Have a blessed day!

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