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Hi Meldavis99,
 Welcome to the SSC and congratulations on deciding to quit smoking! You've still got some time before your quit date to do a lot of reading to prepare yourself for your new life. Lot's of good info in these forums from many people. I'd suggest completing the rest of the steps in your program at the top of the page 1st. You really need to be prepared for your quit in order for it to work in your favor. It's a battle for most smokers, if it was easy just about everyone would quit. Are you going to go cold turkey or use nicotine replacement therapy?  
 As for helping you to prepare, I'd suggest starting a journal. Every time you get an urge to light one up, make note of what it was that caused the urge. Then when your quit date does arrive, you've already got a short, or long depending on your situation, list of triggers to be careful of avoiding, or ready to fight head on. Sometimes you just cannot avoid certain situations that make you want to light one up, that's why you need to be prepared!!!
 I can't wish you luck in your quit journey since luck is not involved. It's all determination. I do wish you  the strength to carry on your fight and hope that deep down you have really decided that you are going do this no matter what. 
Stay strong!
Not One Puff Ever


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Does anyone have specific plans to prepare to quit? My first one is no smoking in the car, and no smoking until the afternoon. 
What are yours? 

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