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Ashley Health Educator
Nov 28, 2017 (05:47 PM) Reply | Quote 

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It sounds like you are really ready to quit smoking. I like that you are preparing for your quit. The more prepared you are with information the more likely you will have a successful quit. I encourage you to complete the program in order to create a quit plan. I also encourage you to search the forums for discussions that pertain to you. Sometimes it takes awhile for members to respond but there is usually someone here to reply to any questions you may have. What are some of the questions you have now? Posting them as a thread will likely get you responses from the members here. 
Keep us updated on how you are doing!
Ashley, Health Educator

The SSC Support Team

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Nov 22, 2017 (11:19 PM) Reply | Quote 

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I am super exited to be here, and hope that the community is fairly active. I see that there are lots of views on posts, but not so many replies.
I have decided on December 1st as my quit date. I've smoked for over 12 years! Pretty painful to even admit. I started when I was 19 while in college. I was that kid that would approach absolute strangers, and tell them to please stop smoking..... for their health and well being! My boyfriend started smoking in highschool when we were 15, and I remember how much I hated it. The smell made me sick to my stomach. I hated how his hands felt on my skin after he'd smoke. It would actually make my skin sting. I hated the smell. Everything. 
At any rate: here I am at 31 years old with 12 years of smoking behind me. Ugh. I can't breathe anymore. My nasal passages are always inflamed. I think I'm allergic to it. I almost never feel like I can take in a single full satisfying breath any more. The shortness of breath actually started when I was 22, and it has literally been constant. So a long time ago. Of course my skin is awful because of it. My hands are dry and rough because I wash them after every cigarette. My skin and eyes just look dull and discolored. It's definitely accelerated my aging.  
Anyway, I am excited about this journey, and can't wait to be a nonsmoker! I have tons of questions, and definitely hope to find some support here. I live alone so the full responsibility is otherwise on me to push myself. 

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