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Wendable Warrior
Aug 25, 2017 (12:36 PM) Reply | Quote 

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I almost always experience the sinus stuff and cough when I first stop. I've cut back in the past week and have quit for good today, but am using NRT to cut down on withdrawals. I have already starting coughing as the cilia are starting to heal. Best of luck to you in quitting. Keep at it!

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Aug 12, 2017 (07:56 AM) Reply | Quote 

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Hi and welcome also Congratulation on your design to quit smoking. What happened to you is part of withdrawal symptoms and last for the first few weeks only also that's a sing of body healing. Good luck.

Gorilla quitter, here come King Kong.

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Fancy Kevin
Aug 11, 2017 (11:55 AM) Reply | Quote 

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Hey all.. new member here. I recently quit after a twenty year lazy habit of smoking. Would sometimes go days without a cig and sometimes smoke a pack in an evening if I was out partying.  Almost two weeks ago I somehow finally stopped cold turkey and am really excited about it.  
The problem I'm facing right now is a terrible head and chest cold (coughing, sore chest, sinus headache, stuffy nose) and I've almost completely lost my voice. The sickness has intensified in the last day or so.
I'm sure this is just part of the process of my body ridding itself of all the garbage I've breathed into it for the better part of two decades but wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and how long it lasted.

Thanks and best of luck to everyone else going through the strug.

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