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Jun 09, 2019 (08:02 AM) Reply | Quote 

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Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 21 Hours: 16
Minutes: 30 Seconds: 32

Life Gained

Fantastic post Tim. I just copied and sent to my daughter in law how is pregnant and smoking. Hoping to get her to quit this ugly addiction.

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Jun 05, 2019 (06:00 AM) Reply | Quote 

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Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 3 Hours: 12
Minutes: 3 Seconds: 19

Life Gained

Great post Tim I liked 4, 6 very much, thank you 

Believe you can and you’re halfway there

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May 12, 2019 (05:40 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 10 Hours: 21
Minutes: 14 Seconds: 23

Life Gained

Tim l never saw this post before. This is great and very thorough. At week 10 there is still lots of advice in here for me. Im going to add some things that helped me in this quit. Some things may overlap....
  • Choose a time when things are as stress free and quiet as possible. I chose to stay home as much as possible because going out triggered me.
  • Read lots about quitting and others experiences (this forum is great to read)
  • Keep a little quit journal. Begin by making lists....why youre quitting, what you will gain from quitting, what you hate about smoking and importantly a list of coping strategies and things to do to take your mind off smoking. Also write on this forum about your struggles and successes.
  • Consider NRTs if you think cold turkey is too difficult
  • Something to suck on. The strongest mints l could find worked for me as it was something to do with my mouth and the intense mint takes your mind off wanting a cigarette.
  • When a craving hits do something on your 'things to do list' and it may have passed by the time youre done 
  • When faced with stress take slow deep breaths
  • Eat! I ate like a horse in the beginning. Its better than smoking and it does subside
  • Cry if you need to. We used smoking to supress our emotions. Let it all out
  • Exercise or just walk off a craving. Your mind will thank you for the feel good endorphins.
  • Remember that every time you resist a craving you are exercising the quit muscle and getting stronger the more you do it
  • Reward yourself with gifts or things you like to do. For me its paying for a massage....super....much better than smoking
  • Remember that time heals everything. Largely quitting is about letting time pass you by. The longer you go without smoking the stronger you get. So kill time doing whatever keeps you busy
  • Enjoy the fact that your body is healing from as early as day 1
  • Dont give up quitting. I failed too many times to count. It was demoralizing and l thought l wasnt cut out to quit. Then one day the stars align and it just works

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May 12, 2019 (01:03 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 5 Hours: 3
Minutes: 16 Seconds: 27

Life Gained

Thanks again, Tim.
This is a really helpful list.

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Aug 07, 2018 (09:38 AM) Reply | Quote 

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Country: Canada

I love this list, especially the HALT stuff.  I have found that little acronym to be very useful and very practical in my quit (especially the "H" section).  My body knows when it needs *something* but is still frequently confused about what that something is, and will send up a smoke craving.  I envision it like my brain throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks, lol.

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Aug 06, 2018 (02:17 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Thank you for this .........really helpful,reminders as to why I decided to stop smoking and take charge of my life.

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Ashley Health Educator
Mar 23, 2018 (04:47 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Awesome Tim!

Thank you for sharing.

I liked all the points but I particularly liked 4, 6, 16 and 29.

Ashley, Health Educator

The SSC Support Team

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Mar 17, 2018 (05:51 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Smoke Free Days

Cigarettes Not Smoked

Amount Saved

Days: 402 Hours: 10
Minutes: 21 Seconds: 46

Life Gained

1. This is THE most important tip. You have to have a positive attitude for this to work. If you think you will fail, you probably will fail. If you think you can do this, chances are you will do this. Keep a "Can Do" attitude with you at all times.
2. It's not as hard as you think. Once you begin to be honest with yourself and to look at the facts about smoking, it will become a pleasure to remove this addiction from your life.
3. Square off with your smoking habit. Look at it and size it up. Ask yourself exactly what it is doing for you,` then ask yourself what it is not doing for you. You can begin with your hair and work your way down to the tips of your toes. It is a medical fact that smoking affects every organ in the human body in a harmful way.
4. Look at quitting cigarettes as giving yourself a gift - a very big gift. You are giving yourself a better quality of life and, very possibly, a longer life. You are giving yourself a healthier body. You are giving yourself more self-esteem. Wrap all this in a package and look at it for the gift it really is, then "Go for it"!
5. Set a date. Make a commitment. Give it a try. Remember, it is alright if you don't succeed at first. Just keep trying. The only way you can lose is by ceasing to try.
6. Don't look at it as if you are giving up something. This makes it seem too much like a loss. What you are really doing is tossing something out of your life that has done you harm and doesn't belong here anymore. You are throwing away pure garbage. No longer are you going to allow your lungs to be a resting place for nicotine and tars.
7. Stay away from negative people and worrisome situations if possible.
8. Quit for yourself. Even though your family and loved ones will benefit tremendously from your quitting, it is you that will benefit the most.
9. Treat giving up smoking with the respect it rightly deserves. Become willing to go to any lengths to remove it from your life. If you are not willing, try praying for the willingness. This sometimes works.
10. Look up the word "nicotine" in your dictionary and write down the definition in big letters: "A poisonous alkaloid used as an insecticide." Put it where you can see it.
11. Don't say "I'll take my chances" and continue to smoke. They are not ours to take. We didn't give ourselves life and we don't have the right to "take our chances" on giving it away. That is up to a higher power.
12. Don't fool yourself by saying you have too many pressures in your life right now to give up cigarettes. If you are smoking, this in itself is a pressure, a very great pressure. Every day is a gamble and your life is at stake. By getting nicotine out of your life, other things will become easier to handle. You will feel better about yourself and you will have more energy. You will have accomplished something more meaningful than all the money and material objects you could ever acquire. You will have given yourself what no one else could give you. You will no longer have the pressure of being a smoker.
13. Don't use the excuse that you might gain weight to justify your continuing to smoke. Even if you do gain a little, the fact that you will be more active and will get more exercise should counteract any weight gain. Remember, overeating, not stopping smoking, causes weight gain.
14. Plan to do things that will keep your mind off smoking. Sometimes our minds can be our worst enemies. They will tell us that we need a cigarette for just about any reason that is handy at the time. By doing things like going to the movies, munching on popcorn or licking on a sucker, we can keep our minds occupied and get a break. Go to museums and other places where smoking isn't allowed. Swimming and walking are a good idea too.
15. Quit smoking one day at a time and think only about the part of the day you are in. "I am not going to smoke before noon." "I am not going to smoke before 3 o'clock." Sometimes just do it one hour at a time. This is a lot easier than trying to quit forever.
16. Don't subject yourself to smoky situations. If you do come in contact with someone who is smoking, just say to yourself, "He is having the cigarette I might be having", then, be grateful you don't have to have it.
17. While you are quitting, look at it as an investment. Once you have quit for one hour, you have invested this hour in becoming a healthier person. Now, invest one more hour. Continue to add to your investment hour by hour. It will grow and become more valuable as the hours go by. You will begin to see and feel the rewards from this investment more and more. Protect and guard it just as you would a treasure.
18. Start being kind to yourself. It is the beginning of a new way of life for you and you are the most important one there. Treat yourself with respect and love and remember, you are no longer filling your system with poison every few minutes. Breathe the clean air and breathe it deeply. Smell the different and wonderful fragrances. Begin to spend time outdoors close to nature. Many new sensations await you.
19. Don't get too angry. If we are angry, our minds tell us we need a cigarette to cope. Until your mind learns that it doesn't need a cigarette to cope, try to avoid situations that might be setting you up. Avoid certain people that may bother you. If you can't get some time off, quit smoking on a long weekend. Avoid, as best you can, things like getting stuck in traffic. Use a lot of caution. Anger can be very destructive.
20. Don't get too hungry. It is amazing how our minds will tell us that everything's wrong when all we really need to do is eat.
21. Don't get too tired. If we are tired, it is easy to become irritated and when we get irritated our minds will tell us that a cigarette will help. Our overall resistance becomes weak and it is easy to say, "Oh well, I guess I'll have just one smoke."
22. Don't get too lonely. It is good to know some people who are going through the same thing.
23. You can remember these four things by the word "HALT": Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. If you feel you need a cigarette, stop and check. Make sure you are not experiencing any of these.
24. Don't get too bored. It is hard to just sit and not smoke. Keep busy. Find things to do that you enjoy. Bike riding, hiking, swimming, exploring new places, trying new restaurants. This is the time to indulge yourself.
25. Have something to fidget with. We are accustomed to holding a cigarette; being without one might leave our hands at a loss. Get a small rubber ball or a yo-yo. Play dough is good also or a piece of clay. Rubber bands work too.
26. Have something handy to put in your mouth. Life Savers, sugarless gum, suckers, etc. Try to avoid fattening foods like cookies. They don't last long and they fill you up. Experiment while you are still smoking to see what will relieve the craving. If Life Savers work, then stock up. If fattening treats are all that will work for you then go for it. You can work on your weight loss once you get your quit under control. Quitting smoking is your #1 priority right now.
27. If you always have a cigarette with a cup of coffee, stop drinking coffee before you quit smoking.
28. Don't drink alcohol while you are quitting. Once alcohol is in you system your defenses will be greatly diminished.
29. Remember that the discomfort you experience in the first 2 weeks will definitely come to an end and you will never have to go through it again.
30. Frequently give yourself a pat on the back. What you are doing isn't easy by any means. It takes a lot of guts to try to quit smoking.
31. If you are feeling pain from withdrawal, let it become a lasting memory to serve as a reminder of exactly how strong the drug nicotine is and how hooked you really are. Yes you are a drug addict. You are addicted to the nicotine.
32. Remember: every minute you were sucking on cigarettes they were sucking the very life out of you. Don't let them have any more.
33. Avoid the self-pity trap. If we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, our minds will tell us that we deserve a cigarette to make us feel better.
34. Remember: if you just keep trying, you will win. It is good against evil and the odds are stacked in your favor.
35. Before quitting, plan your activities for the first few days after you quit. This way you won't have to make too many decisions while you are withdrawing. At first, making decisions may be hard without a cigarette.
36. If you are not going to quit right away, then start cutting down. If you smoke 2 packs a day and you cut back 1 cigarette a day for a month, you will be down to just 10 cigarettes a day. Some people, however, have found cutting back to be almost as hard as quitting.
37. Drink lots of liquids to help flush the poison out of your system. Orange juice is good because smoking depletes the Vitamin C content in our bodies.
38. Remember: it is the first cigarette that gets you started. It takes only one. This is the one you can't have. You can always put off lighting that first one for a little while. Don't fool yourself and think you can start and stop at will. You can't. Many people have tried this and gone on to live the rest of their lives never to experience freedom from nicotine again.
39. Frequently remind yourself about the differences you have noticed in yourself. Things like: your breath no longer smells like a dirty ashtray, your fingers aren't stained from tobacco, that sickly sounding smoker's cough is disappearing, your senses of smell and taste are returning, your complexion is beginning to improve, your general attitude about yourself is better because you are beginning to really care about yourself.
40. Give it away. Whenever you have a chance to give your experience, strength, and hope to another smoker, use it. This act of giving will insure your chances for staying off nicotine and give strength to others who need it. There is much reward in helping someone else to gain freedom from this harmful substance.
41. Have a follow-up program. Don't assume it is over because you have made it through a couple of weeks. Nicotine is very cunning.
Not One Puff Ever


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