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Ashley Health Educator
Jun 26, 2017 (04:01 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Welcome Jay93,

I am sorry to hear about how concerned you are about your lungs. I can certainly see why you are concerned but the only way to be certain about your health is to visit a doctor. Due to your age and the amount of time you have smoked I think it would be unlikely it is anything serious; but, it could be inflammation, chest congestion, a chest infection or many other things that may need to be treated.  Regardless it is very good that you have decided to stay away from smoking and vaping. There is no proof vaping helps people quit and it may even reinforce the habit. As you have stated, we also are not sure about the risks of vaping. Your doctor will also be able to tell you about other quit aids if you feel the patch is not helping effectively.
I have read that after 10 to 15 years of staying smoke free your risk of getting lung cancer goes back to that of a nonsmoker. The body is amazing at healing itself so focus on health, visit a doctor and stay smoke free. You will feel better then ever soon.
How are you doing now?
Ashley, Health Educator

The SSC Support Team

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Jun 22, 2017 (01:25 AM) Reply | Quote 

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Hey everyone. Long story short I am 23 and started smoking when I was 19. I bought patches and started using them 2 days ago. I smoked close to a pack a day on avg. for 2 years prior to switching to a vape which I used for the last 2 years. I tried weening my self down from 12mg strength to 6mg over that time with the intention of going to 0 and then stopping all together. However, I found myself just inhaling the vape more often than before, to compensate, and the last month I have been very stressed and have used it a lot more than I would ever use it. I did notice some benefits from switching to a vape such as less coughing in general, however, recently with the excess inhalation, my lungs seemed to be worse to me. For example, I laugh kinda funny in general when I think something is really funny I kind of exhale hard, and when I do that I notice right away that it sounds like they are congested like a person with bronchitis would sound like. After doing that and hearing the same sound for about 2 weeks, it absolutely terrified me and pushed me to quitting right away, especially with the unknowns, as far as research, of vaping. I don't have a noticeable shortness of breath and workout 6 days a week doing heavy lifting where I breathe harder than if I didnt, but I am going to start adding days of cardio to that as of tomorrow morning. I am hoping cardio and a healthy diet will clear up my lungs so I do not need to go to a doctor because I am terrified of the potential of COPD, Lung cancer or lung disease of any kind. As of now I am 2 days in to my journey of quitting and have used a patch both days. I have severe cravings throughout the day when I am doing something where I used to vape heavily. However, at work today the same congested laugh happened and it terrified me even more than before. Honestly, I think it will be easier for me to quit now than I would have ever imagined, just because the fright factor I've mentioned. Anyways, I am not sure if anyone has taken a similar path (going from cigarettes to vape to quiting via patch) but if so I would very much appreciate any feedback you guys are willing to give. Im still pretty nervous about my lungs and the potential damage I have done to them so hopefully someone somewhere on this feed may be able to help me out. Thanks for reading. 

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