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Ashley Health Educator
Apr 19, 2017 (03:14 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Hi Jeremy,
Yawning is actually a common withdrawal symptom. It is your body adjusting. It will pass over time. You may find you cough up phlegm later in your quit or you might not at all - every quit and every individual is different. Your body still has the ability to heal itself. Give it time - you should start to feel better then ever soon.
How are you doing today?
Ashley, Health Educator

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Apr 11, 2017 (07:06 PM) Reply | Quote 

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alright so i recently quit smoking as of febuary 2nd
i smoked for 8 years since i was 14 to 22 while i was smoking i was having a tight chest problem it felt like i was having to force yawns to get a full breathe which if i wasnt able to would make me have an anxiety attack now after quitting im still having this problem but when i panicked really bad last time (thought i was actually dying almost passed out) i called the ambulance on myself and they said my o2 levels were normal which means i am breathing fine and i know i am it just feels like im not like my chest is tight also i have yet to cough up any phlegm or anything while i was still an every day smoker i coughed up a little bit of phlegm like once every 2 weeks i never produced a smokers cough or anything and still havent. im curious as to whats happening with my body has it gotten to a point to where my lungs can no longer repair themselves or what? thanks in advance for any information you guys give!

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