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Ashley Health Educator
Mar 13, 2017 (03:43 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Sorry to hear about your fight. Relationship stress can be a big trigger for smoking so good for you for posting here instead of smoking! That takes a lot of strength and determination. How were you able to get through it? How are you doing now?

Ashley, Health Educator

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Hot SiO2
Mar 08, 2017 (04:02 PM) Reply | Quote 

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Hey WizardRae!!!
     I hope you have given yourself time to lower your heart rate and think about the discussion and about your quit!  I know that I had to give myself a little time-out before opening my big fat mouth when I first quit!  Remember it is always a good idea to remove yourself from a situation before it evolves into something you may regret.  But for now, you have time to reflect.  Think about what you could have done to improve the situation and learn from this episode. 
     The nico-demon is going to be sitting on your shoulder for a while longer.  Think about your coping strategies that you listed while going through the Program Milestones.  This may help you in the future.  I used deep breathing several times to help me cope.  I also walked away from conversations before they got out of hand!  I coming here and writing is also good therapy!  I did that sooo much!
     Hang in there and just remember that smoking is not the answer you are seeking!  Not One Puff Ever!!!  You can do this!!!

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Mar 08, 2017 (02:33 PM) Reply | Quote 

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So my boyfriend and I just got into a huge blowout fight our first one since I quit smoking. My first instinct wasn't to run and buy a pack but the more I sit and stew the more I find myself thinking about it. I know it's my brain trying to make an excuse but how did everyone else cope with things like this? It's hard for me to focus at work because all I'm thinking about is the fight or smoking right now. 

R.S Gryffindor

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