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What If ? Part III I'm in Sunny Florida today and I will definitely NOT be smoking. Blah! Vile !2013-08-12 9:55:00 AM
What If ? Part III I will not smoke today. 2013-08-05 10:04:00 AM
What If ? Part III I will not smoke today. 2013-08-04 12:47:00 PM
What If ? Part III Nice stats Sly ! Let me join you in pledging...I will not smoke today !2013-07-29 8:33:00 PM
What If ? Part III I will not smoke today. 2013-07-29 1:27:00 AM

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I thought it might be a good time to print this again:
A bit of advice from a well known and highly respected smoking cessation educator :

These are the options: Smoke nothing or smoke everything. But let's make something else perfectly clear.

There is no in-between choice. Smoking is now and always will be an all or nothing proposition. Don't delude yourself into thinking you can have just one cigarette or just one puff. You can have a puff anytime you want, you just have to be willing to take the other 20, 40, 60 or more cigarettes a day that goes with that puff! You must also be willing to accept all the consequences which accompany being a smoker!

- See more at: http://www.stopsmokingcenter.net/program/Blog.aspx#sthash.EPoRlUao.dpuf
42013-07-07 8:50:00 PM
Machiavelli Is Now Cruising!!!
Let me add my voice to the chorus of members singing the praises of our own Machiavelli !!!
I know Jim will join me hoisting a cold one in salute my Friend !
CLINK! Heres to Gorilla Quitter ! Here Come King Kong !!
32012-07-12 6:10:00 AM
What if?
You are right F3. I take the pledge each day and congratulate myself each night for achieving my very worthwhile goal. But don't be scared ! I renew my committment each day but my day is not consumed fighting cigarettes, quite the contrary !  I rarely if ever think about cigarettes as I go about my life. I lead a much calmer and more satisfying life.
But I dare not forget that I am a drug addict and always will be but as long as I keep nicotine outside my body that addiction will forever be arrested but one little puff will send me right back where I was was many months ago. I'm not going there Freethree. N.O.P.E. not gonna go there !
32012-07-10 3:21:00 PM
What if? Part II
I will not smoke today. N.O.P.E. ! It is a Beautiful day and since I stopped smoking I can take my dog and walk for miles. I haven't felt this good in many years. I have alot to thankful for.
William - Free and Healing for One Year, Five Months, 10 Hours and 20 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 62 Days and 18 Hours, by avoiding the use of 18075 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $8,308.88.
32012-07-24 7:21:00 PM
What if? Part II
Hi Folks ! Back from vacation on the beach. Didn't smoke then and ain't gonna smoke today ! N.O.P.E. !
32012-08-11 8:02:00 PM
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